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MEHRD Senior Management Team concludes BLC inquiry into the Education Bill 2023

Front from left, Opposition Leader and BLC Committee member Hon. Mathew Wale, Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie, Chair of BLC Hon. John Maneniaru, Committee member Hon. Rick Hou. Standing from left, Deputy Secretary Cooperate Service Coldrine Kolae, representatives from Attorney General Chambers and Deputy Secretary Strategic Services James Bosamata.
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The Senior Management Team of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) has concluded its inquiry into the Education Bill 2023 with Bills and Legislation Committee (BLC) on Thursday 7th September, 2023.

Led by Permanent Secretary, Dr Franco Rodie, the MEHRD SMT were able to respond to the questions and comments made by the Bills and Legislation Committee in relation to the content of the Education Bill 2023.

The Inquiry into the Bill commenced on Thursday 31st August and continued on from Tuesday 5th to Thursday 7th September.

Members of the MEHRD Senior Management Team that accompanied the Permanent Secretary included; Deputy Secretary Cooperate Services, Coldrine Kolae, Deputy Secretary Strategic Services, James Bosamata, Deputy Secretary Education Services, Christopher Sakiri and Deputy Secretary Teaching and Learning, Linda Wate.

The team also included the Government Legislation Drafting Advisor and her colleague legal counsel from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Chair of the Bills and Legislation Committee, Hon. John Maneiniaru, MP in the first session of the inquiry, acknowledged MEHRD for the immense work that has manifested the Bill.

He said MEHRD and its stakeholders have done what is required of them since taking the Education Bill 2023 through consultations.

He said, as a matter of procedures under the Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee, they are accorded the responsibility to meet the requirement and to report to Parliament so that the work that has been done by the MEHRD would be a result of the outcome of the Parliament.

To set the scene for the inquiry, PS Dr Rodie conducted a presentation – highlighting the processes and consultations held leading to the drafting of the Bill.

Leader of Opposition and Committee member, Member of Parliament for Aoke and Langalanga, Honourable Mathew Wale, in his introductory remarks, congratulated PS Dr. Rodie for championing his staff to bring the Education Bill to the house.

He said the Education Bill before the committee is an example of how law making should be done.

“In all the Bills (laws) that have come before the House in the time I have been in this House, this is the way the law making should be done.

“You have been consulted, consulted and consulted, not just endless consultation just for the sake of it, but purposeful and meaningful consultations that set out clear what is important and good for, the education.

“I wish to congratulate you on championing your staff. You have brought the (Education) Bill to the house and this is really a milestone and a job well-done,” he said.

The BLC have covered the rest of the whole Bill clause by clause with the MHERD SMT and concluded on Thursday 7th September.

Meanwhile, other key education stakeholders from Education Authorities, National Education Board, school boards, Honiara City Council Education Authority, Principals, head teachers, and teachers from early childhood education centres and schools (primary and secondary) in Honiara and the provinces have been invited to appear before the committee starting on Monday 11st September.

The inquiry into the Education Bill 2023 is expected to be completed by Friday 15th September.

Chair of BLC Hon. John Maneniaru acknowledged MEHRD SMT for appearing before his committee, adding his committee is happy to cover the whole Bill.

He added that the Bill is an important one and the committee is pleased to execute its mandated responsibility, that is, to assess the content of the Bill for it intend purpose.

He said the committee had taken note of some of the concerns raised during the inquiry and would report to Parliament for its deliberation.

Although the inquiry took five days, PS Rodie stated that he was more than satisfied with the general outcome of the inquiry, and thank members of the BLC for their time and input.

He also acknowledges the Australian and New Zealand governments through the Education Sector Support (ESSP) for the financial support and technical assistance given to MEHRD to engage a legislative drafter as well as the support of the Attorney General through the Government legislative advisor and her colleagues from the Legislation Drafting Division of the Attorney Generals Chambers.

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