Home News Honiara roads in its worst state ever: Wale

Honiara roads in its worst state ever: Wale

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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale says current state of our roads in Honiara is the worst in history.

Yet, Hon Wale said the Government has turned a blind eye on the matter.

The Opposition Leader has raised the issue recently, however, he said the response by the government was very poor.

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“The roads are at its worst state and I do not know how the Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers are driving along the roads with no sense of care,” he said.

The Opposition Leader has called on the Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure & Development to address the bad state of Honiara roads with urgency.

He said the bad state of the roads is having a very negative impact on the economy, the private sector and vehicle owners.

“Our roads are in a sick state and it reflects nothing but the no care attitude of the current government and its leadership. It is a national embarrassment and an eyesore,” he said.

Hon Wale said it takes about two to three hours to drive from Henderson to Point Cruz on a very busy day and it is very inconvenient for road users.

He said the current situation is very frustrating.

The Opposition Leader also shared sentiments raised by citizens that the roads from Henderson to White River needs urgent attention.

Hon Wale said the Prime Minister’s Office and MID had recently held a press conference that road maintenance had kicked off a month ago but the roads have gone from bad to worst.

“We cannot continue to just maintain potholes. Our roads need some serious engineering alternative to fix it and it needs a government that is committed and serious in addressing it,” he said.

“I am reiterating my call for the re-establishment of the Public Works Department (PWD).”

He said this is to ensure quality, reliable and monitoring of our road infrastructures.

The Opposition Leader said even maintenance of the feeder roads needs urgent attention.

“What happened to the millions of dollars pumped into road maintenance in Honiara and around the country? The road infrastructure in Honiara and elsewhere is nothing but a failure,” he said.


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