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Gov’t holds consultation on constitutional amendment Act 2023 with the Choiseul

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The Constituent Assembly Task Force, within the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, OPMC, has conducted a one-day consultation on the Constitution (Amendment) (Constituent) Act 2023 with the Choiseul Provincial Executive at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet last week, Wednesday 29th May 2024.

Choiseul Provincial Executive is second to Western Provincial Government to be consulted by the Constituent Assembly Task Force on the Constitution (Amendment) (Constituent) Act 2023.

Presentations during the session focused on the provisions and requirements and what is expected of the Provincial Executives for the formation of the Constituent Assembly.

The session also provided opportunity to build wealth of knowledge and information on policies and programs on the proposed Draft Federal Constitution.

Choiseul Provincial Premier Honourable Harrison Pitakaka said the consultation is an important part of the process paving the way forward for the Federal Government System.

“A lot of discussions have been ongoing on our Governance System, so this proposed system need to be supported by the country.

“But the decisions that are going to be made in the process require wisdom to make those decisions, and those decisions will have a big change in the future course of this country if the Federal System is adopted.

“When we excel “Unity” that has been enjoyed in our entire political history, that could be a thing put to question, otherwise the idea itself would be supported,” said Premier Pitakaka.

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Premier Pitakaka thanked the National Government through the Constituent Assembly Task Force for inviting the Choiseul Provincial Executive for the consultation.

The Constituent Assembly Task Force will be conducting the same consultation to other Provincial Executives and stakeholders later this year.

The next stage in the process after the consultations is the formation of a working Constituent Assembly.



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