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Country’s newest physiotherapy clinic opens in Honiara

Physiotherapist Charles Gauba at work
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Charles Gauba is one of the country’s leading physiotherapists with 22 years of experience already under his belt.

He is a veteran in the business and a popular face with Solomon Islands sporting teams at regional and international meetings.

Physiotherapists are defined as medical professionals who specialize in treating injuries and conditions that impact movement.

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After many years of experience, Charlie now decides to turn his professional into a business. Though he had started in 2017 he had never taken off due to COVID-19.

Gauba started with Aspen Medical after RAMSI left in 2017. He was doing work for several expats who then attached to RSIPF and worked at the Australian High Commission. He then later moved to the Heritage to also work with Australians in 2018 but this time not for salary but those needed his service had to pay for his work. He was fortunate to have an adjusted table for his work originally given to him by Auspen Medical.

Then COVID-19 struck. His business was severely affected as most of his clients had gone back to Australia, many never returned. Also, he recalled last year’s riots had disturbed his business as some of his Chinese clients had to close their shops due to looting and burning of Chinatown.

However, with things settling and businesses are back to normal, Gauba too is reviving his his physiotherapy business. He’s visiting his clients at their homes and is currently slowly setting his clinic at the Pacific Medical Clinic at Kukum (opposite Kwaimani building).

Registered as Charlie Physiotherapy, Guaba now operates out of the Pacific Medical Clinic.

He explains that his work is hands on and he does not use drugs or injections but applies massages, stresses and mobilization.

Gauba adds he also uses heat and cold for certain conditions, for example, for fresh injuries he uses ice.

According to the expert, workers and even the public need to undergo physiotherapy to deal with injuries both new and old.

He is targeting workers who spend long hours sitting in their office or doing physical jobs.

He adds that those with health conditions like stroke are also covered in his business. He said whilst doctors help them with their recovery, the rehabilitation part is what they deal with to regain some form of function.

“If they can walk to the shower or feed themselves or comb their hair that’s more important,” he said.

Besides that, he said they also deal with the most basic, like low back-pain, soft tissue injuries and how to sit properly at the work place.

Gauba said with his business now opening he would welcome companies or government agencies who may need his services to deal with workplace injuries or just proper sitting and how to rotate ones back whilst at work.

For those interest in Charlie Physiotherapy call:  7472577







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