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Businesses face de-registration, hefty ‘on-the-stop fine’ under new HCC ordinances effective 1 May

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The Government and the Honiara City Council will step up their activities to clean Honiara City with spot-fines and businesses face de-registration if they fail to maintain cleanliness of the seven metres in front of their buildings.

This tougher measure is amongst the raft of revised and new ordinances of the HCC to counter litter in the city and keep Honiara clean in leading up to the games in November.

Attorney-General John Muria Jr. said the Cabinet has approved several initiatives, one is ‘on the spot-fines’ and this will need amendment to the HCC Act to enable them to impose spot-fines.

This means that any person who throws rubbish will be asked to pick the rubbish, however, if he/she refuses then ‘on the spot-fine’ will apply. The figure could go as far as $1,000 per one fine.

Muria said his office, OPMC, HCC, NHA and other stakeholders have already discussed the initiatives and a way forward.

Besides ‘on the spot-fines’, the government has also agreed to increase the fines.

He cited one example is businesses must have obligation to look after seven meters from their door and ensure it is clean.

“If any shop owner allows vendors to sell betel-nut there—penalties will increase and at the same time business license can also be deregistered. This means they have to apply back to re-take their license,” said the Attorney-General.

Furthermore, Muria said they would also be looking into the registration and licensing of bus drivers, conductors and taxi drivers. He added this will only apply to certain vehicles that they apply for as buses and taxis.

He said: “When you see a rubbish is thrown from a bus, the owner is fined so as the driver and the conductor and the bus is de-registered,” said the AG.

He said the time-line for the implementation of the new ordinances is 1st of May.

The Honiara City Council says it will divide Honiara into zones for its officers to enforce the ordinances as of May.


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