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Baby box for unwanted infants soon to be established at Holy Cross

Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP, third left, is a great supporter of the initiative.
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The Catholic Church will in the coming months provide a safe haven for the unwanted infants in Honiara. A Box for unwanted infant is soon to be established in the Archdiocese once the BOX is completed.

On Tuesday 24th May 2022 , a BABY BOX for unwanted babies committee was formed and held their first meeting in Honiara at the St. Dominic Conference Room at Chancery office, Holy Cross.

The meeting was organized by the Catholic Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP with the great initiative led by Freddie Leufhner from the Solomon Islands Translation Association Group.

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It involved ideas from the committee members and ideas based on creating the BOX for unwanted Baby and how to go about with the program to bring a safe haven for all children and to protect them from abortion.

Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP, who during his usual once a year preaching has always been about the HUMAN LIFE and how the Church is always willing to look after the unwanted infant.

During his public statement to the Solomon Star News Paper on June 2020 following an act of abortion did by a student His Grace publicly stated that

“if any youth has a pregnancy and they are NOT willing or able to look after their baby you can come to Holy Cross and share your situation with our DMI Sisters or any of the priests here,” he said.

During the Meeting he said that when the BOX is completed, it will stay in-front of the DMI sisters House at Holy Cross next to Archbishop’s House.

“We would be happy to look after any baby that is not wanted and we would be happy to find a willing family who would adopt your baby because ALL life matters and all our Christian Churches should promote human life from the womb to the tomb,” he said.

Mrs. Leufhner, who also adopted a child from the Solomon Islands after his mother gave birth to him at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara, came about with this great initiative after a baby was found dead around Holy Cross Area and hearing stories about babies being thrown in the garbage and or in streams.

Moreover, according to Emergency ward, Medical Dr. Andrew and his wife who also adopted two beautiful daughters agreed to help in any possible ways they can to assist in the project.

The Committee has involved members from various institutions such as, ACOM women’s desk, SITAG, Catholic Child Protection, Social Welfare, Doctors, Nurses, Religious Sisters of the Catholic and The Catholic Archbishop.

The Committee will hold their second meeting after the BOX for Baby is ready.

Source: Catholic Communication



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