Home News 32 officers return after one month training in China

32 officers return after one month training in China

Unarmed tactics training by RSIPF and their China colleagues in China
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The 32 officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) who have undertaken the Policing Training Seminar in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have completed their one (1) month onsite training.

The RSIPF delegation left Solomon Islands on 08 October 2022 to China for this training and returned on 6 November 2022.

The seminar was held under the auspicious of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Police Cooperation between PRC Ministry of Public Security and Solomon Island (SI) Ministry of Police, National Security & Correctional Services. The training was facilitated by Fujian Police College, in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China.

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The Head of the RSIPF delegation, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Mr. Ian Vaevaso said the training was intensive and covered a wide range of law enforcement constructive subjects. The training ranged from unarmed tactics to the use of weapon techniques, including VIP guard techniques, Police operation Command & Onsite Command, large-scale event planning and control administration, etc. These trainings are scenario based where officers were tested to make plans and decisions to respond to these levels of real and complex situations.

Vaevaso said that as part of the program, the officers were also provided opportunities to make onsite visits to police stations and police training sites to see first- hand responses, technologies, operations command, systems, processes and procedures used.

“These visits are very useful and eye opening for the RSIPF officers.  The officers are also provided an overview of the comprehensive security plan of the Beijing Olympic Game and the G20 Hangzhou Summit and lessons learned. This gives us insightful information helpful for the development of the security plan for the 2023 South Pacific Game,” he said.

“I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of this training and of the high quality performance of RSIPF officers during the training. I am confident that RSIPF has improved its capacity and capability to tackle future security challenges including the security of the 2023 Pacific Games,” says Vaevaso.

He said this high level international policing program was designed to meet the current RSIPF policing deficiencies and future security challenges in Solomon Islands.

“I am extremely happy that my officers are well trained by professionals and experts and they are interacting and performing very well in their training every single day. The Fujian Police College where RSIPF officers were trained is actively engaged in various forms of cooperation with other international police forces around the world with their high level programs. The International Police Use of Force Forum has been held every year in Fujian Police College, where domestic and foreign police experts and scholars share and exchange their views and cooperation on this matter to improve best practices.

Vaevaso said my officers are very well looked after and were in good health and spirit to continue with their training.

“I sincerely acknowledge the government of the PRC and the Ministry of Public Security for the kind support in offering such a great opportunity for RSIPF to be able to undertake such advanced and high level policing development training in China. I also acknowledge Fujian Public Security Department and Fujian Police College for their warm reception, good management, professional and scientific training. Before and during the training, the China Police Liaison Team in Solomon Islands led by Commissioner ZHANG provided very efficient and effective support for my delegation which was very important for the program,” he said.

This training was significant for the ongoing building of RSIPF capacity and capability for the maintenance of social stability, long lasting peace and security in Solomon Islands.

On return to Solomon Islands, the officers will conduct further training for RSIPF members sharing the knowledge and skills they have acquired through this training seminar to improve officers’ performance and effectiveness in the workplace.


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