Home News Winwin boss used replica gun to threaten landowners

Winwin boss used replica gun to threaten landowners

Deputy Commissioner Matanga
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Police had confiscated a replica gun which the General Manager of Winwin Mining Company had used to threaten landowners on Guadalcanal on April 1st.
Police also confirmed that the GM, which they declined to give his name, had been charged with two counts of threat and intimidation.
Deputy Commissioner of Police Juanita Matanga told journalists today that on the 1st of April this year some landowners went to Winwin Company to seek advanced payments to meet some of their welfare costs.
Matanga said that the GM previously had some disputes with some of the landowners and when he saw one of them amongst them, he came out with out with a replica gun and intimidated the landowners.
She said based on the report, police sought a search warrant to search its operations at Alligator Creek and Turarana.
“As a result of that they had arrested the GM of Winwin Company and he was charge with offences of intimidation.”
Matanga confirmed that a replica gun was confiscated and is now with police as part of their investigation.
She ruled out any links of the replica gun to the RSIPF guns supplied by PRC.
Matanga said the investigations will focus on how the general manager acquired the replica gun.
Meanwhile she said police raid was carried out on the 14th of October whilst the visit that some of her officers made to Winwin happened on 9th of October.

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