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Wale slams $1.4m cut to Western province

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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has lashed out at the National Government following a $1.4Million cut to the Western province under the 2022/2023 PCDF allocation.

Hon Wale said western province is the latest victim and it is likely that other provinces will also experience huge financial cuts this year.

The Opposition Leader said it is clear that the Government is no longer abiding by its mandate in providing services to its people because of the Pacific Games.

“It is tragic that service delivery and developments in provinces are likely to be affected because the Government has prioritised the Pacific Games more than our people. How irresponsible can the Government be,” he said.

Hon Wale said the major budget cut to Western province including other provinces simple means that development programs under the PCDF would be affected.

He said the DCGA Government have been misled into believing that committing more funds to the Games at the expense of the country’s struggling economy would result in a economic boost after the two weeks sporting event.

“These are cheap arguments that the PG 2023 is the economic booster or economic saviour for this country. It is misguided and has no basis. This Government’s economic policy is unsustainable,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said in fact the country’s economy would really be boosted if we were producing more on agriculture, fisheries and processing most of our products.

Sadly, he said that is not the case.

Hon Wale also shared similar sentiments to what was raised by members of the Western provincial executive that the National Government should not apply bullying tactics to provinces.

“One has to wonder why the Western Provincial Government are being treated with contempt. Is it because the preferred DCGA candidate for premier and executive did not win the election?” Hon Wale questioned.

The Opposition Leader said what is due to provinces must be rightly allocated to them and should not be politicised.


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