Home Politics New Premier must represent true views of Malaitans: Wale

New Premier must represent true views of Malaitans: Wale

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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has conveyed his congratulations to the new Premier of Malaita Province Hon Martin Fini.

In a statement today, the Opposition Leader said he is confident that with God’s wisdom and guidance, the new premier will perform to the best interest of his people and Malaita province as a whole.

“I congratulate the new premier and look forward to his executives policy priorities for the province,” he said.

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Hon Wale said the new premier must represent the true views of Malaitans, and not that of those who financed the motion and his election.

Hon Wale said the Opposition Group looks forward to meeting the new Premier and his new executive once they settle down in office.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader also acknowledged outgoing Premier Daniel Suidani and the MARA executive for their leadership in the past 3 years.

He said former Premier Suidani has stood up against some of the most rebellious political battles from the national government and other foreign elements until his downfall recently.

“Suidani is the casualty of DCGA’s persecution of Malaita,” Hon Wale said.


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