Home News Wale says PM’s statement against Japan ‘immature grandstanding’

Wale says PM’s statement against Japan ‘immature grandstanding’

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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has described the recent statements by the Prime Minister on the discharge of treated water into the ocean by Japan as ‘immature grandstanding’.

Hon Wale said the Prime Minister should have raised his objections on the issue of Japan’s nuclear wastewater through relevant channels.

The Prime Minister made very strong statements against Japan’s decision to discharge treated nuclear wastewater into the ocean at the MSG and UNGA recently.

Hon Wale said there are better options in discussing this issue in a mutually respectful manner rather than maligning a development partner at a global stage.

“We have a Japanese ambassador in country and just recently we had a Japanese delegation that visited the country. Such issues should be discussed in a more appropriate manner,” he said.

Hon Wale said Japan is not only a development partner but also a reliable friend and that friends are respectful in discussing even issues of grave concern.

The Opposition Leader said it is important that the Prime Minister share the scientific basis he alluded to in his UNGA speech.

“Sometimes such grandstanding may appear only to suit other interests,” he said.

Hon Wale said the Prime Minister’s statement has clearly treated Japan with contempt, which appears somewhat immature.


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