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Wale encourages PM to take the lead in addressing current situation

PM Sogavare
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LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale says the Prime Minister should not hide away but continue to take helm in delivering daily nationwide addresses.

In a statement today, Mr Wale said he is fully aware that the Prime Minister has recently announced he will only be addressing the nation fortnightly whilst the Health Minister will continue with the daily updates.

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However, the Opposition Leader said this is no longer a health crisis but a national crisis that needs the Prime Minister to take leadership in addressing his people.

“This is the time people would like to listen to their Prime Minister on what his Government is doing to address this situation. Our people wants to see the Prime Minister showing leadership and to assure them that the government is taking control of the situation rather than shying away from the situation at hand,” he said.

Mr Wale said the people would like to know where the National COVID response plan for Honiara and other affected provinces is, and what the Prime Minister and his Government will be doing if there is an extended lockdown or whether it will be lifted.

Mr Wale said the Prime Minister must also take the lead and summon his officials on why the National Response Plan or the Honiara Response Plan highlighted by his officials has failed.

The Opposition Leader said the so-called plan has failed miserably to adapt and address the dynamic situation on the ground.

He said it is important that the Prime Minister continue to update our people on a daily basis to give confidence to citizens in the country.

“We are in a situation that it is no longer about announcing the number of cases daily but equally important that people need to know what plans the Government will be undertaking in response to the current outbreak,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said as the alternative government they are also prepared to lend a helping hand if the Government needs alternative advice.

“It is a hard ask but we hope the Government is taking into consideration some of the solutions, advices and concerns raised by the Opposition in the last two years and even the last couple of days and to include them in their National Response Plan if there is even anything as such available,” he said.


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