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Rennell Bellona Provincial Executive, which is led by its New Premier, Hon. Japhet Tuhaika Tuhanuku supports coronavirus protocols that are put in place by Solomon Islands Government.

The support was collectively confirmed by the Provincial Executive during its extra-ordinary meeting in Honiara, yesterday (Tuesday, 25 January 2022).

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The Provincial Executive is aware that before the first victim of coronavirus was tested positive in the country the highest segment of vaccinated population comes from communities of Rennell Bellona Province. The Provincial Government is proud of this achievement.

Proud of the achievement, Rennell Bellona Province Policy Statement on coronavirus says that the Provincial Government will “promote vaccination of COVID 19 in the province” and aspire to achieve 100% of vaccination. The Provincial Executive has endorsed the Policy Statement, which will be launched soon.

In the meantime, Tuhanuku encourages all peoples of Rennell Bellona origin in Honiara and in the double islands of Mu Ngava and Mu Ngiki to adhere to the World Health Organisation approved coronavirus protocols of:

  • Get vaccinated,
  • Keep a safe distance,
  • Wear a face mask,
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow,
  • Open windows, and
  • Clean your hands.

On 4-days lockdown in Honiara City, Premier Tuhanuku advises the people of Rennell Bellona in town and the public of Honiara to “respect and obey the Decisions of Solomon Islands Government for the 4-days lockdown. Stay safe at home. Restrict movements only to matters of essentials – only in cases of emergency”.

In related news, the Provincial Executive has established a “Honiara-based COVID 19 Committee to work with our Honiara-based peoples of Mu Ngiki and Mu Ngava to ensure safety of our people from coronavirus”.  The Committee will assist the Provincial Health Division to address management of COVID 19 issues in the entire province of Rennell Bellona.

Tuhanuku is Member for Provincial Assembly of East Ghongau, Ward 8, Bellona Island.


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