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Wale commends govt for resumption of classes

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The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale congratulates the government on announcing the resumption of classes for all schools in the emergency zone.
Hon. Wale says it is very important that our children are not deprived of their education, in view of the good work that has been done to close our borders from covid-19 and build local testing capacity.
The Opposition Leader says “Given that Solomon Islands has no cases of covid-19 infections, we must get the country to function on as normal a level as possible. Our education institutions are an important part of that”.
Hon Wale further calls on the government to recall all public servants to their duty stations. “In view of the lack of positive cases and border closures, there are no reasonable grounds to continue to maintain skeleton staffing of government ministries”.
“Services offered by government ministries are important to the proper functioning of the non-state sector, and the recall of the entire public service will restore the level of services offered.
“The private sector in particular needs the services of the government to continue to keep the economy going and people employed,” adds Hon. Wale.

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