Home News Wale claims Cabinet Sub Committees are created for political benefit of PM

Wale claims Cabinet Sub Committees are created for political benefit of PM

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Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale has claimed that the government is creating cabinet sub-committees for political benefit of the Prime Minister adding that Government is lobbying Opposition MPs for positions and resources.

Speaking during the Motion of Sine Die yesterday in Parliament, Wale said: “Majority numbers in government is not necessarily a mark of trust in the government’s policies or leadership. When government is lobbying Opposition MPs, it offers them access to positions and resources.”

He adds: “And we know over the recent past it is more about being able to access more resources than MPs outside of govt. This says a lot about both individual MPs attitudes but also about government leadership.”

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Wale said government contracts, funding levels, NDF, appointments, are all evidence of this.

“The number of cabinet sub-committees created so that MPs are given political patronage and paid the same as ministers are mostly for political benefit of the PM. The justification for these is that they comprise the cost of political stability.

“I am not sure our would agree if they knew. These are issues in our political process that must be addressed, if we hope to bequeath a better democracy to the next generation of leaders,” said the MP for Aoke/Langalanga.

He said a democracy which is more representative and focuses on the needs of our people.

“A culture change across public life and public service that puts the interests of the people before the interests of their political masters and greed,” he said.

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