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Wale and Mount claims absurd

Statement by Prime Minister's Office chief of staff, Mr. Robson Djokovic

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Recent allegations in the Australian press and republished in local newspapers labelling me as a convicted criminal are inaccurate, false, misleading and completely absurd.

This is due to the manner Hon. Matthew Wale & Mr. Ryan Mount, have by virtue of their own defamatory statements, exposed themselves as desperate individuals with no principles who will say and do anything to serve their own interests.

It appears that both Mr. Mount and Hon Wale are working in close collaboration by using me as a scapegoat to conceal their vested interests.

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On one hand, the Axiom CEO is attempting to cover his tracks for non-compliance and violation of Solomon Island laws, and on the other, Hon Wale is doing whatever he can to manipulate political and public opinion against the leadership of the current Prime Minister by targeting me personally.

The malicious attack by both individuals to assassinate my character and reputation based on unsubstantiated media speculation, as a means of diverting attention away from their own questionable conduct, is truly disgraceful, but not surprising in view of Hon. Wale’s previous involvement with Allied Gold and St. Barbara, which though demeaning, at least remains consistent with his support for Axiom.

Disappointing to say the least that Hon. Wale seems to be pushing Mr. Mount’s agenda while the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) is insisting on strict legal compliance which, instead of condemning, the Opposition Leader should also be supporting on the basis of our national best interests.  

I welcome the call by Hon. Wale for an investigation into the matters raised regarding the purported bribery attempt which although never happened and has been clarified by Mr. Wilson Rano, will certainly reveal more evidence about Axiom’s involvement in the Solomon Islands mining industry, so public investors of the ASX listed company are privy to facts and not just media propaganda, about the manner in which Mr. Ryan Mount has been managing operations.

The assertion made by Hon. Wale linking my engagement as the Chief of Staff in the Office of the Prime Minister and the Government’s treatment of Axiom as a foreign investor that represents our national interests is so far-fetched and irrelevant due to the fact that any purported irregularities can be raised with officials from within the appropriate Ministries, or authorities who are responsible for the technical and administrative oversight of the respective institutions.

Let me remind Hon. Wale and Mr. Mount that conducting a trial by media raises more questions about their relationship and their combined intentions.

It must also be noted that, I did not seek employment with the government, but rather, was tasked to take on the Chief of Staff role to serve in the best interests of the government and people of Solomon Islands, and my qualifications (and achievements) speak for themselves which are reflected in my CV that is on file with the Government.

Also, note that my status as an employee of the Solomon Islands Government, an indigenous Solomon Islander and an Australian Citizen residing in the country is fully compliant with our laws.

Finally, I have no criminal convictions on record and for Mr. Mount and Mr Wale to state to the contrary and publish such to the press and media who republished the same, is defamatory and pending legal advice.

Court proceedings will be commenced at the earliest.

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