Home Breaking News Unidentified drone flown over RSIPF base at border concerns police

Unidentified drone flown over RSIPF base at border concerns police

RSIPF officers at the border are on the look out also as the ship entered through the western border.
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Police is investigating an unidentified drone that flew over its base at the western border recently, which RSIPF chief Mostyn Mangau describes as very concerning in terms of security.

Mangau in his weekly media conference this afternoon says his officers sighted a drone which was flown over their base at the border and it has really concerned them in terms of security.

He said on their part, they have spoken to the Civil Aviation Authority of Solomon Islands (CAASI) to see if they have records of anybody from the region has registered a drown but there is nobody who owns drown there even as far as Taro.

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Under law those who own drowns must acquire license from CAASI to enable them to fly them in the country’s airspace.

When asked if the drown could be flown from nearby PNG border, Mangau said it was not possible as the drown his officers sighted did not have capacity to fly distance.

He appeals to leaders at the border to remind the residents at the border to refrain from flying drones if they do not have lisence from CAASI.

Managu said it is also a security concern and they will be working with CAASI to investigate the case.

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