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Ungaiabu tribal land in East Malaita ready to host modern style mini-hospital

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development Allan Daonga hands over legally signed copy of payment document to Ungaiabu Trust Board representative and landowner Barnabas Maelimani. Looking on from behind is East Malaita MP and DPM Manasseh Maelanga and his CDO Gabriel Rockson.
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“MP says Actions speaks louder”

East Malaita Constituency is preparing to get the foundation work on their modern style mini-hospital after the official goodwill payment was done to Ungaiabu tribal landowner in Honiara on Tuesday 18th January 2022.

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The handover ceremony was facilitated by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) Allan Daonga and witnessed by East Malaita MP and Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga and his Constituency Development Officer Gabriel Rockson.

A total of SBD$200,000 was handed over to Ungaiabu Trust Board as a token of appreciation from the National Government, MRD and East Malaita constituency office for allowing their land to be developed as the Constituency Development Center (CDC).

Deputy Prime Minister and MP for East Malaita Maelanga from his heart expressed his appreciation towards the landowners and Ungaiabu Trust Board.

“I would like to acknowledge the unwavering support rendered by the landowners and the Ungaiabu Trust Board.

“Their vision and development aspiration truly speak for itself, from the beginning they support our constituency office until the end of the process.

“The land has been registered and will host a mini-hospital, staff houses, a secondary school, a Rural Training Center (RTC), tourism and market zones, Fisheries and other economic activities to bring in other essential services,” Maelanga added.

East Malaita Constituency had already opened their modern style constituency office on that land prior to the landowner fully registering that land just recently.

He further assured the landowning group that as the MP for East Malaita he will continue to support all their effort to see his people benefit from these developments.

Maelanga said the constituency office is ready to deliver the material for the mini-hospital foundation as soon as possible.

On the same note, Ungaiabu Trust Board representative and landowner Barnabas Maelimani also thanked MRD and their MP Maelanga for this historical ceremony.

“The desire to develop our land did not start yesterday, the desire and dream to see development on our land go back to our grandfather’s days.

“Not only that but our grandfathers are very instrumental in trying to bring in development from the government into East Malaita.

“I am very proud today that our land is registered and is ready for development without any objection,” Maelimani affirmed.

He thanked MP, the constituency office, and MRD for this goodwill payment handover on behalf of the Trust Board and the landowners.

“We will continue to work together with our MP and MRD to implement future projects earmarked for our land,” he added.

Meanwhile, PS Daonga commended the landowners, tribal member, and their MP for working together to achieve this milestone in East Malaita.

“As the ministry responsible for the 50 constituencies, MRD is fully committed to see that all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participated in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihoods,” he added.

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