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U.S says its support to friends & allies are given with no strings attached

File photo: Comeau , left, and Minister of Health Dr Culwick Togamana during the arrival of pfizer vaccine last month.
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The Director of the United States of America Embassy Office in Solomon Islands, Russ Comeau, today sends a clear message about America’s support to its friends and allies stating they are given with no strings attached.

Comeau was one of the guests today at the launching of the rollout of U.S made vaccine, Pfizer, in Honiara for those between 12-18 and pregnant women. The U.S has donated 106,000 plus doses to the Solomon Islands.

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The director who recently arrived in Honiara says the U.S is pleased to help Solomon Islands.

“We’ve helped vaccinate youth and pregnant women, not just at home but around the world,” he said.

Comeau reveals that the US remains the biggest contributor to COVAX, providing $4b to support the global effort to provide safe and effective vaccines.

The US donated around 200 million of doses of vaccines through the COVAX facility and more than 800,000 to the Pacific Islands.

“But America leadership isn’t just about financial investment or donations. It’s about personal investment, too. Like Solomon Islands, we value community and believe that we all have a role to play in supporting our friend and allies. When a friend asks for help, you help them. No matter where they are. And with no string attached.

“When the Government of Solomon Islands asked for help, the United States was honoured to donate these Pfizer vaccine doses, as a friend,” he said.

Comeau said the vaccines represent the US ambition to deepen friendship with the people of Solomon Islands.

“We look forward to strengthening this partnership over the months and the years to come,” he said.


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