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SW issues ‘low water pressure’ notice for Honiara residents

Honiara residents currently experiencing low pressure water.
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Solomon Water is experiencing ongoing problems at Kongulai water source affecting customers in Honiara. Over the past weeks, Solomon Water has continued to issue low pressure notice to customers feeding from Kongulai, especially during the peak time.

CEO Ian Gooden says “The low water level at our Kongulai source is caused by obstructions done to the sinkholes inland. We have tried on several occasions to clear out the debris which we believe have been deliberately put there. We are working with responsible authorities and continuing to work to clear out the obstructions to ensure water levels return to normal soon” he said.

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Solomon Water is advising Honiara residents that they will continue to experience reduced water pressure at peak hours of the day until further notice and apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Areas affected include west and central Honiara and parts of East Honiara.


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