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Stop Provoking Malaita: Wale Questions Riot Police Deployment”

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Hon Matthew Wale, member for Aoke/Langalanga and Leader of the Opposition has come out questioning the deployment of riot police to Auki this weekend.

Social media has shown the deployment of riot police to Auki and their public demonstration of violent riot tactics in Auki school field, with many Auki dwellers expressing confusion over the appearance of the armed and threatening look on the Police.

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“Twenty thousand Malaitans gathered two weeks ago in Auki to welcome Suidani without any incident, and without any arrests. Why is there a deployment to Auki now?” Questioned Wale in a statement today.

Hon. Wale, recalling this recent peaceful occasion organized by the people of Malaita in one of the largest masses of people Auki has ever witnessed, queried the real intention of this reported police build up in Auki.

“Given this peaceful record, one cannot help but see this deployment as a provocation. I urge the Commissioner of Police to withdraw these forces and cease the intimidation tactics being practiced in public now” Wale added.

The Leader of Opposition also observed the recent string of events, including public statements and even legal advice, that has pitched the DCGA government against the MARA government. 

In this regard, Hon. Wale stated that, “It is known that the DCGA has been actively undermining the MARA government and no doubt they would be happy to see the upcoming Motion of No Confidence succeed. The deployment of riot police is easily seen as politicisation of the police force, and an example of political warfare against MARA government.”

The Leader of Opposition added that, “As Member for the Aoke-Langalanga constituency where Auki town is located, I condemn this abuse of Police presence in the peaceful and peace-loving town of Auki, Malaita. My people have hosted the biggest ever gathering of Malaitans in Auki with complete safety and joyful peace”.

He further stated that, “We do not want to see violence created by the unnecessary provocation which is this “All Blacks” deployment. If there is any trouble in the coming week, we all know that this unnecessary show of force was part of its beginning. Commissioner, please stop hurting the people of Auki.”


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