Home Breaking News More than 10 vessels detained for overloading

More than 10 vessels detained for overloading

People heading to the ships today and several vessels have still been detained.
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More than ten vessels have been detained as overloading has been an issue in the past few days with thousands heading home via ships for Wednesday’s vote.

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And though some vessels were allowed to leave, many others remain at Point Cruz, detained by the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA).

“I can confirm that we detained several vessels (around 10 over the last few days),” director of SIMA , Thierry Nervale .

He said each time the vessels were overloaded with unauthorised people jumping on board putting the lives of others who scheduled and paid for their travel at risk.

“Also, some vessels were chartered by individuals who invite whatever number of people to board the chartered vessel beyond the max capacity communicated by the ship owner. In this case, the charterer also puts the lives of all people on board at risk.

“We still have some people jumping on board departing cargo ships (often landing crafts) already at full capacity with cargo including dangerous goods,” said Nervale.

 He said this behaviour affects all vessels departing to all provinces but in the last few days more vessels departing to Malaita and Temotu provinces.

SIPA domestic terminal has been very busy with voters boarding scheduled and chartered vessels heading into the provinces.

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Candidates have chartered vessels to carry their voters to the provinces, some already done that in the past weeks whilst some others are working hard to take their voters in time for Wednesday’s election.

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