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Some Gov’t MPs’ receive 3 times from Stimulus Package, says Wale

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Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale has revealed that some of the MPs in the Government side have received three times from the Stimulus Package Payments.

The government has declined to release the official list of Economic Stimulus Package recipients, but leaked data on social media showed that politicians dominate the list. In some instances, even Chinese business houses were given ESP, one timber buyer was even given a $3.1m.

Tonight Wale joined the masses in questioning the ESP especially to politicians.

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Wale said, “By looking at the list of stimulus payments issued to constituencies, it is clear that constituencies with MPs in government received more than those with MPs not in government. Some have received three times as much.

“These are funds for constituencies and there are no justifiable policy reasons for such discrimination, based solely on politics. This is a continuation of very poor decision making by the Prime Minister.

Many locals have told the SBMOnline that they demand the government publishes the final list of the recipients of the ESP as part of transparency and accountability.

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