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Solomon Ports improves road crossings

New crosswalk signs installed.
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SIPA Media (16/02/23) Solomon Ports is progressing well in the rollout of its community support initiative in improving road safety in Honiara City.

This comes after an a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for the provision of Traffic Lights, warning signboards, and road markings for Honiara City last year in September.

This week saw the completion of the first area at the ‘HCC Pedestrian Crossing’ , with more areas earmarked in Honiara to be completed soon. Completed this week, two solar were installed at the pedestrian crossing to provide safety for people walking across the road, metal barriers on both side of the road to keep pedestrians safe, installation of new traffic road signs, and the repainting of the zebra crossing sign.

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The installation of the traffic lights, warning signboards, and road markings are voluntary work done by SIPA to enhance the safety of road users in Honiara. The assistance is also to assist the government in promoting road safety for road users, and to educate drivers and pedestrians on how to use road signs the right way.

Solomon Ports calls on the people of Honiara to respect the new solar poles and road signs , as they are a gift from Solomon Ports to the people to help improve road safety for pedestrians in Honiara. Honiara pedestrians are urged not to damage the road signs and not to spit betel nut on the new road markings.

Solomon Ports will continue to work with MID, HCC, Police, and relevant stakeholders to improve road signs along the roads of Honiara. Work on improving and rebuilding road signs/ marking on other roads and streets in Honiara will continue over the coming months. Solomon Ports strives give back to the community to ensure road safety rules are adhered to, and to improve Honiara’s road image for the upcoming Pacific Games in November

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