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SITESA confirms SIG scholarship recipients’ list will be published

CEO Nasi, centre, with senior government officials at today's press conference.
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Facing mounting criticisms over their silence on SIG scholarship recipients’ list, the SITESA chief executive officer has confirmed that there are still no scholarships been awarded and her office will finalize and publish the list of recipients once its approved by its board.

The Solomon Islands Tertiary Education and Skills Authority (SITESA) CEO Constance Nasi in defense of her organization told journalists today that so far zero scholarships have been awarded.

Facing the media today Nasi said: “At this stage the process has now reached conditional offers that are made to the students.”

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However, she added the students’ need to produce their final requirements before they are awarded their scholarships.

The students are required to upload their police and medical clearances and their final recent transcripts of the final semester of 2022.

On publishing the list, Nasi said: “We are obligated by the act to release and publish list of recipients.”

She reiterates that it will be published on their website as soon as the board approves it.

SITESA’s delay and lack of response to the public on the scholarship has angered many Solomon Islanders who over the days have called for the list to be published.

Conditional offers have been issued to SIG recipients of the past week and based on their response to the press, many Solomon Islanders are set to miss out on scholarship once the list is released.

She said those who miss out can go to their office to get an explanation as to why they are not selected and prepare for the next cycle of scholarships.

Nasi could not give details as to how many would be awarded scholarships but said it would be less compared to the previous years. This year the government has allocated $250m whilst Nasi said in the past years $413m per year.


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