Home News Labour Mobility Unit reiterates warning over bogus agents

Labour Mobility Unit reiterates warning over bogus agents

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THE Labour Mobility Unit within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has reiterated its warning over individuals posing as recruitment agents for the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme.

The warning came after claims on social media that people posing as local agents are charging upfront payments for individuals to be recruited as seasonal workers in Australia.

The LMU therefore strongly advised the public that there are no recruiting agents associated with any part of this process and there is no application fee.

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The office is aware that as the date for the PALM recruitment drive draws near, the public needs to be vigilant of individuals posing as agents and seeking payment in order to facilitate work in Australia.

The LMU team is also warning people of Bogus Agents claiming to work with members of the team as experienced in a number of incidents.

The public is therefore asked to report to the Police if they have been wronged by people acting as bogus agents.


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