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SI’s support to Japan at the World Cup gets special mention during Japan’s National Day

Japanese Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki , centre, at tonights event. At the left is Acting GG and Speaker Patteson Oti and an official from Japan Embassy.
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Japanese Ambassador Miwa Yoshiaki tonight reflects on his country’s relationship with Solomon Islands which he says is highly appreciated—stating that it also goes personal as reflected during the World Cup last year.

“During the World Cup tournament, many people cheered for the Japanese team’s good performance,” he said tonight.

Yoshiaki revealed that on the occasion of the 63rd Birthday celebrations of His Majesty, the Emperor of Japan and the National Day of Japan.

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He added: “Some of them called me or sent me text messages in congratulating the success of the Japanese team. I noticed many cars flying Japanese flags and groups of boys and girls on the road whom I met during my jogging cheered for the Japanese team,” he said.

Meanwhile he said since arriving here he has travelled to several parts of the country.

“I have also received hearty welcome from local community people. Through these opportunities, I strongly recognized that the achievements of the cooperative relationship between Solomon Islands and Japan are highly appreciated and there are strong expectations for further development of the existing cooperative relationships,” he said.

Japan is currently funding the Kukum highway road, new international terminal and other projects in several sectors including forestry and in the aviation.


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