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RSIPF and PRC Officiers at the ceremony
Officials, RSIPF and PRC Officers at the ceremony

The Governments of Solomon Islands and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) further deepened national security cooperation with the formal launching of the PRC Police and RSIPF Training Program today.

The commencement of the training programme expands from the formal handover of policing equipment to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) early this month.

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The training program will be conducted by 5 police training experts from the China Police Liaison Team.

According to the training schedule, the training comprises 6 batches, including 2 batches of equipment familiarization training, 2 batches of Public Order Management (POM) training, and 2 batches of CPP training.

At the end of the training, there will be an intensive demonstration. The training program will be conducted for about 2 and a half months.

The officers joining the trainings are mainly instructors from the PRT, CRU, PRU and CPP. Through the training and exchange, police officers technical skills and tactics, operational capability and cooperation will be improved.

In the coming days, the China Police Liaison Team will uphold the spirit of “transparency, inclusiveness, professionalism, high-efficiency” for the purpose of friendship and goodwill, support RSIPF to strengthen capacity building and maintain peace and security in Solomon Islands to promote long and stable bilateral law enforcement cooperation to make the country safe and prosperous.

Minister of Police, National Security and Correctional Services, Hon. Anthony Veke and PRC Ambassador to Solomon Islands, HE Li Ming jointly launched the programme at the Rove Police

Speaking at the event, Minister Veke said crime rates are increasing in an alarming rate due to a number of social factors and the hardships placed by the challenges of COVID 19 community transmission to policing work is no exception to all these social factors.

“As such, the capabilities and capacities of police must continue to be enhanced through provision of relevant trainings for the RSIPF,”

“The trainings that will be provided by the PRC Police Liaison Team for the RSIPF is in line with the Government Policy and commitment of ensuring that the RSIPF capabilities and capacities must continue to be developed and modernised,” Minister Veke said.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19 and its unprecedented rapid community transmission, the statutory mandate to maintain law and order remains a priority for the RSIPF.

“Though the force is limited in capacity, it will continue to deliver on those duties. Therefore, any support to help the RSIPF’s capabilities and capacities are accepted with deep gratitude,” Minister Veke said in thanking the PRC for this new and growing cooperation.

PRC Ambassador Li Ming took the opportunity to extend his sincere greetings and appreciation to the Ministry of Police, RSIPF and friends from all sectors who have long supported China-Solomon Islands relations and police-to-police cooperation.

The mission of police cooperation between China and SI is conducive to the two countries and the region.

Head of the China Police Liaison Team, Commissioner Zhang and his team are elite members from Chinese Police. Among them, there are a senior professor, experienced security officers and international peacekeepers.

“I firmly believe that through their training and experience sharing, the capability of RSIPF officers are bound to be greatly enhanced based on equality and sovereignty,” Ambassador Li Ming said.

During the programme, the Police Liaison Team will work closely with the RSIPF in the spirit of “Professionalism, High-efficiency, Friendship” and “Inclusiveness, Transparency, Goodwill”.

Police-to-police cooperation between China and Solomon Islands does not conflict with other countries and actually adds to collaboration with other interested countries.


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