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SI learning from Fiji to improve education data

MEHRD Improvem EMIS team DS Coldrine Kolae Judith Aefi John Liliu Ali Kiko and Peter Suiramo with Fiji MoE Acting PS Timoci Bure and IT Manager Sandeep Singh
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The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) ‘Improvem Education
Management Information System (EMIS) Project’ is underway and focussed on enhancing the
availability and management of education data to improve basic education outcomes in Solomon
The Improvem EMIS Project aims to ensure accurate and complete data about teachers, students
and schools are maintained in a well-functioning EMIS, which is essential for effective management of
the Solomon Islands basic education system and to prepare MEHRD to lead and implement the
proposed education legislative reform.
Last week, five (5) MEHRD Officers were in Fiji on a study tour of key Fiji Ministry of
Education’s (MoE) Units, learning from the MoE’s implementation of the Fijian Education
Management Information System (FEMIS).
MEHRD Officers, led by the Deputy Secretary for Corporate Services, Mr Coldrine Kolae, visited the
Fiji MoE Examination and Assessment, Human Resources Management, IT, Finance, Primary and
Secondary, District Office, Curriculum Advisory and eLearning Units to see how FEMIS has supported
business processes including online exam registration, education grants disbursement, acquittals and
textbook distribution, and teacher transfers.
The study tour to Fiji aims to strengthen MEHRD’s knowledge of effective EMIS implementation and
supports South-South cooperation, paving a pathway for Pacific countries to learn from each other’s
Education Management Information Systems.
The Improvem EMIS Project is supported by the Governments of Australia, New Zealand and
Solomon Islands through the Solomon Islands Education Sector Support Program (ESSP) – which
aims to improve access to quality basic education for all Solomon Islands children regardless of
gender, ability, and location.

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