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Sharon lands dream job at UN, amongst lucky 40 selected out of thousand applicants

Sharon Inone
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Sharon lands dream job at UN, amongst lucky 40 selected around the world out of thousands

Sharon Inone has made a huge break through as the latest Solomon Islander to enter into the United Nations through the competitive professionals (P) programme. What makes her even more fortunate is Sharon who hails from Temotu province is among just the 40 professionals around the world selected by the UNDP out of the 37, 221 who applied.

RSIPF PG23 Strip

 Sharon gets to represent Solomon Islands and the Pacific region in this pool of newly P level recruited staff into the UN system.

And Sharon is extremely grateful for the opportunity and is positive she will represent her country and region well.

“Growing up in a rural setting, I had it written very clearly in my vision board to one day work with the UN at the P level”

“Today I am crossing this off my list as the United Nations had offered me exactly what I wanted and more”.

“My advice to my sisters & brothers is to start small but to never think small. We serve a big God, therefore our thinking should reflect that. Nothing is impossible. Dreams are meant to be lived, touched and materialised,” Sharon told SBMOnline.

 Amongst her qualifications is she has Master’s Degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway.

She graduated with a First Class Honours Masters in Science in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security.

Only a few Solomon Islanders were successful in the front and work for the UN. The MP for East Are’are Peter Kenilorea Jr was one of them he entered the UN through the competitive process where he spent 19 years before resigning to run for politics.

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