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Serious concerns on safety after solar panels stolen from 2 stations to detect earthquake

This is an example of Seismic station. The picture is taken from National Science Foundation, USA.
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Two of the country’s five Seismic stations in Malaita and Temotu are not functioning making it difficult to effectively detect and record earthquakes in those areas after solar panels were stolen from the stations.

The solar panels provided energy to power the stations and keep them functioning but since last year the ones at Aligegeo and Luasalemba had not been working after their solar panels were stolen.

The stations are fitted with machines buried into the ground that detect and measure an earthquake and how strong it is.

Director of MET David Hiriasia said the removal of the solar panels had seriously affected their work especially detecting smaller earthquakes that are below 5 on the ritcher scale.

He said if an earthquake shakes Malaita or Temotu it is slow to detect because of the stolen machines.

Hiriasia explained that usually it (earthquake) would be felt but to actually pinpoint its location will be slow or difficult.

He said furthermore they needed all their stations to be operational, as they would need three stations to read or detect an earthquake.

“To do the position of an earthquake, do triangulation, all three read and the point they meet up,” he said.

With the country experiencing earthquakes regularly now, the machines are critical for the safety of people.


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