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Father arrested for molesting daughter in front of wife

Matanga today when speaking to the press
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A 46-year old father who allegedly sexually assaulted his daughter and forced his wife to watch him molesting her had been arrested by police in an incident described by police as ‘horrific’.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Juanita Matanga revealed the shocking news this morning to the media.

The father from Choiseul had been sexually assaulting his daughter since 2020 whilst she was 15. The girl is now 17.

In one incident in 2020, Matanga said the defendant threatened his daughter and wife with a 22-inch bush knife and forced his wife to witness him molesting his 15-year-old daughter.

She said few incidents also happened when the wife was out from their home.

“This is a horrific incident that not only happened at home but also in their garden,” Matanga said.

She said that when the father called his daughter to sexually abused her and if she was delay in responding he would whip her.

“The innocent victim and her mother lived in fear as the father had threatened them not to report the matter to anyone,” said the deputy commissioner.

Matanga said the abuse continued on for three years until he was arrested by Taro Police and remanded this month where he is charged with incest.

“Its sad to mention the incident about the 15 year old girl. Yesterday was international day of children. And here I am today talking about an incident relating to a 15-year-old girl. This type of incident is really disturbing; home is no longer a safe place for our children or even young girls. I appeal to women and wives to report such incidents so that we deal with such people, who no longer provide safe place for our children,” she said.


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