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RSIPF farewells late PC Katea Puia

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in the Rennell and Bellona Province today farewelled their colleague officer the late Police Constable (PC) Katea Puia during a funeral service at the Ngongona Seventh Day Adventist Church on Bellona Island after he passed away on 18 April 2020 following a short illness.

Presenting the late Katea’s eulogy during the funeral service, Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Rennell and Bellona Province Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Eddie Peseika says, “I am humbled to stand here on behalf of the Commissioner of Police and all ranks and files of the RSIPF throughout Solomon Islands.”

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Staff Sergeant Peseika says, “I am lost for words to describe the sadness that engulfed us at the news on the passing away of one of our own. I would like to inform relatives and friends that we are immensely saddened at the unfortunate passing away of the late PC Katea Puia. He had served in the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force for more than nineteen years.”

“According to our records, the late PC Puia joined the RSIPF on 13 August 2001 when he was 31 years old. He was born in 1970 at Ngongona Village, Bellona Island, Renbel Province. He attended Siota Provincial Secondary School in the Central Province obtaining a Form Three certificate.”

“PPC Peseika adds: “The late PC Puia had an aspiration for policing which led to his successful selection in securing a place in the RSIPF recruitment in 2001. After completion of his six months recruit training at the RSIPF Police Academy, he was then posted at the Central Police Station on a two-year probation. He was confirmed by the Commissioner of Police as a permanent officer on 13 August 2003 after a satisfactory conduct and performance at the end of his probation period.”

During his time with the RSIPF, the late PC Puia underwent trainings in conflict resolution, case management, prosecution, management and leadership, family violence and sexual offences, operational safety training (OST), police and standing orders, prosecution refresher training, drivers qualifying training, prosecution interviewing techniques and senior level training on leadership, management and planning major events.
“The untimely passing away of the late PC Puia denied his long and satisfying career. Let me assure his relatives and friends this afternoon that the RSIPF salutes him and will continue to remember the legacy he has left behind, his positive contributions to the RSIPF to provide leadership in every police station he had served especially in Tigoa, Renbel Province and the entire country.”
SSgt Peseika says, “We highly value the contributions of the late PC Puia to the RSIPF and the people of Solomon Islands. The length of time he served in the RSIPF is not considered as a benchmark or yardstick for his contribution. But the fact to consider is that, this man sacrificed himself to serving the people of this country by enlisting into the RSIPF to protect life and property and to maintain law and order.”

“It is sad to note that his inopportune passing away caught him unexpectedly and quickly took his life. His passing away is not only a loss to you the wife and children, mother, relatives and communities of Ngogona, Bellona Island, Renbel Province, but also a great loss to the RSIPF.”

“I salute him for his service. He will be long remembered by members of the RSIPF and the many friends from the former RAMSI Participating Police Force he has served with. So long and farewell comrade. May your soul rest in eternal and blessed peace with the Lord,” says PPC Peseika.

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