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RSIPF clarifies money recovered from One Link investigation

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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Honiara City, Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo says the amount of money mentioned in the media recently to have been recovered so far as a result of the investigation into Onelink Pacifica is misleading and incorrect.

 PPC Riolo says, “Following the article in the Solomon Star on 25 April quoting a representative of the Onelink Pacifica a number of enquiries were made and it has been established that the amount of money quoted in the article was wrong.”

In the article, the representative of Onelink Pacifica alleged that the police had released an incorrect amount and that the amount of money recovered was more than what has been revealed to the public.

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PPC Riolo explains: “The sum of $114,700-00 was the first amount recovered from one of the Onelink Pacifica Directors when he was first arrested by police. Further amounts of $7,091.20 was recovered from the Onelink Pacifica office in Honiara  increased the amount to $121,791.20. After the officers of the Central Investigation Department at the Honiara City Central Police Station travelled to the arrested director’s home village in Small Malaita they recovered a further $215,100.00.”

“So the total amount recovered during the first and second recoveries totaled $336,891.20 which is even more than the total amount mentioned in the media article by the Onelink Pacifica representative,” says PPC Riolo

He adds: “The investigation into the Onelink Pacifica matter is still ongoing but the police feels it’s necessary to reveal the amount of money recovered so far from its investigation because of the incorrect information released to the media by a representative of Onelink Pacifica.”

“I appeal to the media and members of the public to be careful about information released by someone who has vested interests in an issue and to check the information carefully before releasing it. In this instance RSIPF has been wrongly accused of supplying the incorrect information on the amount of money recovered so far after the arrest of the one of the directors of Onelink Pacifica. I hope that the Onelink Pacifica representative will apologise to officers of the RSIPF who are continuing to work really hard in the investigation into this matter,” says PPC Riolo.

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