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RSIPF and NZ Police deliver change of mind set training programme in Central Province

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at Tulagi Police Station in Central Province have attended a three days training conducted by the officers of the National Crime Prevention Department (NCPD) together with Police Academy and officers of the Solomon Islands Police Support Program (SIPSP) on change of mind set for police officers  last week in Central Province.

There are a total of 22 Tulagi police officers participating and were issued with certificates at the end of the three days training.

The change of mind set training for police officers is designed to enable officers to roll out the crime prevention strategy, as the training focuses on strategy, Culture, leadership, capability and Management.

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This training is exciting for our organisation and our people. We want the RSIPF to be leaders across the pacific in crime prevention and service delivery to our communities.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Central Province, Superintendent David Soakai says, “This training is vital for the Police in Tulagi to understand how they contribute to the RSIPF organisation and challenge them to have the best frame of mind every day when they come to work.”

PPC Soakai says, “I am happy our New Zealand Police team is committed to mentoring and assisting the RSIPF to develop officers so they are in the best position to deliver the service to the communities within the Solomon Islands.”

Delivering the five-step mindset training across all the Provinces in the Solomon Islands will benefit the RSIPF and in turn, the communities and people they serve. A focus of the training is on Crime Prevention and reducing harm and victimisation in the Community.

The Mindset training has been delivered to over 400 RSIPF staff across the Solomon Islands. Our goal is to ensure all of the RSIPF, including all ranks, receive this valuable training.


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