Home News RSIPF and CPLT successfully conduct 10km march from Rove to KGVI

RSIPF and CPLT successfully conduct 10km march from Rove to KGVI

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara and China Police Liaison Team (CPLT) have successfully conducted a first 10 kilometres police route march.

The police route march started at Rove police headquarters and finished at the National Stadium at King George the sixth. The route march program involved more than ninety officers from CPLT and RSIPF.


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At the National Stadium, different departments assembled at the running track for a 100-metre relay race and later the four Assistant Commissioners who took part in the activity presented prizes to the winners.

Assistant Commissioner National Operation (AC NO) Evelyn Thugea spoke highly of this activity and thanked CPLT for the great support.

She added the activity was successful in achieving its goals to help officers to promote their own capacity building and strengthen physical training.

AC Thugea said CPLT led them to a good beginning of physical exercise fashion for the RSIPF.

“Hope that the CPLT can assist in organizing more similar activities to stimulate vitality and improve cohesion of RSIPF police officers. Thank you to the Commissioner Zhao Jinyong, deputy team leader Li Bing and all the CPLT police officers and RSIPF officers who participated in the activity.

“I am excited and happy, especially when I walk side by side in the forefront of the team with Commissioner Zhao Jinyong. We are glad that the police cooperation between our two countries ushered in a great era,” said Thugea.

CPLT Commissioner Zhao Jinyong said, “Today we wear the same uniform for the police run activity. We set out beneath the starlight and return facing the morning sun. During the whole process, everyone is in high spirits with high morale and vigorous pace.”

Zhao said, “We encourage each other, and finally arrived at the National Stadium leaving no-one behind .CPLT group is deeply honored to be able to assist this activity which helps to maintain good physical and psychological health of RSIPF officers and becomes a part of preparation for the Pacific Games.”

He said, “In the future, we will provide more support to organize this kind of activity to deepen police cooperation between our two countries. We hope that more RSIPF offices will join next time.”


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