Home Health Rotarians Against Malaria Launches ‘Kick-Out Malaria Campaign’ in Honiara

Rotarians Against Malaria Launches ‘Kick-Out Malaria Campaign’ in Honiara

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Rotarians Against Malaria Launches ‘Kick-Out Malaria Campaign’ in Honiara

Honiara, Solomon Islands – Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is proud to announce the launch of its ‘Kick-Out Malaria Campaign’ in partnership with the Honiara City Council and SALT Ministry, supported by the Rotary Club of Honiara. This initiative aims to raise awareness among youths and communities by educating individuals on preventive measures and treatment to eradicate malaria in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

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The campaign serves as a lead-up to World Malaria Day, providing a platform for schools to participate in a competition focused on malaria awareness and prevention. Primary and secondary students enrolled in 2024 are invited to create posters, raising awareness about malaria prevention and treatment. The campaign will run from March 1st to April 15th, 2024, with winning posters announced on World Malaria Day, April 25th, 2024, and displayed across various platforms in Honiara.

Malfrey Ramo, Program Manager for Rotarians Against Malaria, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We’re looking forward to working with the schools to raise awareness among school children. Malaria remains a pressing health concern in the Solomon Islands, often ignored or mistaken for common illnesses. It’s important to educate youths and communities on Malaria Prevention and Treatment to work towards a Malaria-free future for the next generation of Solomon Islands.”

Micah Lea’alafa, representing The Sport And Leadership Training Ministry, highlighted the importance of community involvement, stating, “Malaria is a tough opponent, but together we can kick it out.” SALT-Ministry will distribute soccer balls to participating schools for the Kick-Out Malaria program.

A member of the Rotary Club, Adam Bartlett, emphasized the collective effort needed to combat malaria. “By coming together and putting our differences aside, we can make a tangible impact in the fight against this deadly disease. It is our shared responsibility to safeguard the health of future generations, and we are happy to support this program,” said Rotary Club representative Adam Bartlett.

Rotarians Against Malaria invites everyone to join the fight against malaria and become champions for a malaria-free future. Together, let’s work towards eradicating malaria and creating a healthier community for all. Your support is crucial in achieving this goal. Join the ‘Kick-Out Malaria Campaign’ to ensure a brighter, healthier future for the next generations.

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