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Caretaker Health Minister meets World Bank Mission team

Group photo of Health Minister and Health Executive, World Bank mission team and Project Management Unit officers.
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The Caretaker Health Minister Dr Culwick Togamana and the Health Executive together with the Project Management Unit (PMU) within the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) this morning hosted a breakfast meeting with the World Bank Mission currently in Honiara to provide technical support towards the USD13 million project.

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The project, which kicked off in 2021, supported the response of COVID-19, health systems to prevent future outbreaks and diseases, and bolstered healthcare services in the country has come to its completion at the end of this year.

Speaking at the breakfast meeting, the World Bank Senior Health Economist Mr. Netsanet Workie said the project was an eye opener in many ways.

I applaud the MHMS Permanent Secretary, her Executive and PMU team for taking up the ownership and lead role within the project. The project has been implemented well and near its completion.  Project activities are implemented as agreed at the outset.

“Here in Solomon Islands, we have noticed and thanks to dedication of the Permanent Secretary and her leadership, that project activities, their respective names, and more importantly their implementation status are well- known within the leadership. You’ve shown commitment and taken ownership of the project activities. The World Bank is pleased with the partnership and is looking forward to continued collaboration.” said Mr. Workie.

Meanwhile, Caretaker Minister Dr. Culwick Togamana said he appreciated the path and the direction the ministry took in order to access much needed financial support from World Bank.

Dr Togamana acknowledged World Bank for the COVID-19 support of USD$13 million towards Covid-19 vaccination rollout operations as well as infrastructure investment in the:

  • Renovation and expansion of the National Medical Stores

  • Renovation of Tulagi Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and Helena Goldie Hospital

  • Installment of 4 incinerators at Good Samaritan, Tulagi, Kiluufi and Helena Goldie Hospital and,

  • Isolation Units at Good Samaritan, Nila Health Facility and Helena Goldie Hospital.

He further acknowledged the establishment and setting up of the Project Management Unit (PMU), as the first of its kind in the ministry.

“I understand that the last of all contracts on civil works has been done yesterday, I reassure you that the MHMS will keep track of the project deliverables in close collaboration with the MHMS PMU team”, said Dr Togamana.

He thanked the World Bank mission team leader for mentioning the success of the project, and highlighted that the Ministry has a hardworking team and he is looking forward for future projects.

“I must express our government sincere appreciation to the World Bank, you have stood up and helped us during the Covid-19 pandemic. Your support is not only timely, but enabled us to rollout vaccination and other covid activities”, said Dr Togamana.

He further thanked World Bank for its infrastructure support towards better preparedness for future outbreaks and diseases, and the strengthening of healthcare services in the country

World Bank Senior Health Economist and Project Mission team leader Mr. Netsanet Workie speaking to the Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Culwick Togamana at breakfast meeting.


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