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Ramofafia hails East Malaita hospital project

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Member of Parliament for Fataleka Constituency, honorable Rexson Ramofafia, has acknowledged and applauded his colleague Member of Parliament for East Malaita and Deputy Prime Minister honorable Manasseh Maelanga for availing land for the construction of a new mini- hospital in East Malaita Constituency.

The mini- hospital worth SBD$40 million is fully funded by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and construction is now underway.

Honorable Ramofafia said human life is important above everything else, and to have a mini- hospital accessible to people in East Malaita to as far as East Fatalake is a huge blessing.

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He added that once the mini- hospital is completed, people of the Eastern region of Fataleka will be equal beneficiaries to the worthwhile project as well.

Ramofafia who is also the minister of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC), said the location of the mini- hospital will greatly assist people in terms of cutting down costs of traveling to Atoifi, Maluú and Kilufi for medical assistances.

He commended the PRC government for funding the project, adding that PRC has proven yet again that it is a true and genuine friend.

Honorable Rexson Ramofafia calls on Malaitans to emulate East Malaita Constituency by allowing land for meaningful and worthwhile developments.

Ramofafia reiterated that in this modern times ‘no man is an island’, we have to work together with stakeholders- this including internal and external partners- to drive important development forward.

He commended the local construction company- Harly Design Consultancy Ltd- for winning the bid to construct the mini- hospital.

The Fataleka MP assured his colleague MP for East Malaita Constituency and Deputy Prime Minister, that he stands ready to support the project in any way for the good of the people of East Malaita and his own people in the Eastern side of Fataleka.

“This is a project that will have a positive impact to our people, I stand ready to play support in any way,” honorable Rexson Ramofafia reiterated.

Honorable Ramofafia also extended his deep appreciation and acknowledgement to his colleague MP for East Malaita who is also the Minister of Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) for approving and funding the road in Fataleka constituency.

Ramofafia said Fatalake constituency has a lot of economic potential, the road infrastructure provides the impetus to involve my people in the local economy.

The Fataleka MP also acknowledged chiefs and elders of Fataleka constituency for their support in ensuring the road infrastructure is developed.

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