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Private Sector and SOEs Rally Behind Government’s Call for a Comprehensive Honiara City Cleanup

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In the lead-up to PG2023, the private sector, including State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), has expressed robust support for the government’s plea to intensify the Honiara City cleanup campaign.

A pivotal meeting, convened on 19 October 2023 by the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, along with the Government Services Integration Committee and Private Sector-led SOEs, culminated in a resolution to bolster the cleanup campaign. Coinciding with the government’s cleanup initiative slated for 27th October, which beckons all public servants, Private Sector SOEs and affiliated institutions have set their drive for 3rd November.

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This move, emblematic of unity and pride, especially amidst mounting challenges, has seen representatives from diverse SOEs and business partners pledge unwavering support. They are resolute in ensuring the games’ success and forging a lasting legacy – a vision of a safer, more sustainable, and cleaner Honiara City for all.

Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister Corporate Services, Mr. Leonard Ofainu’u, in his address, commended all SOEs and the broader business community for their relentless support to the government and Honiara City Council since the inception of the ‘Safe Green Games’ campaign by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in April 2023.

“From the commencement of the ‘Keep Honiara Clean’ drive, our transformative journey for the city has been noteworthy. Despite occasional setbacks, our collective resolve remains intact. We’re not just presenting a new city to our visitors; we’re showing them what Honiara stands for today. Together, let’s champion this change, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for the forthcoming generations,” said Mr. Ofainu’u.

Mr. Bernard Bataanisia, Chairman of the Government Services Integration Committee, praised the constructive feedback from the meeting. He urged all entities and stakeholders to support the initiative, which extends until 15 December. He also reviewed the ongoing weekly cleanup activities and their impact on the city’s state.

However, participating companies voiced concerns over the continuity of cleanup efforts, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions. Issues included regulating betel nut vending, efficient waste management, and addressing sewage and drainage challenges.

The HCC Deputy Clerk offered reassurances, highlighting upcoming city ordinances that would impose stringent penalties for violations. Paul Inifiri, HCC Legal Officer, further elaborated that the amended by-laws, reflective of the city’s commitment, will soon be presented to the Attorney General’s Chambers for assessment, followed by gazetting and enforcement.

Mr. Inifiri stated, “By adopting these revised by-laws, we manifest our dedication and vision of transforming Honiara into a city of pride that draws visitors from around the globe.”

The cleanup campaign spearheaded by GSIC covers areas from Henderson to White River. It invites participation from government officials, private sector SOEs, NGOs, churches, community groups, and all Honiara residents to collaboratively work for the city’s betterment.


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