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Police: Traffic incidences in Honiara increases

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Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, (RSIPF) National Traffic Department have recorded a total of 33 traffic incidences in the period 10 to 16 April 2020 in Honiara compared to the previous week when only a total of 28 cases were reported.

Two cases were reported by complainants and 31 were reported by officers at the National Traffic Department in Honiara

The total of 33 traffic incidences is five more cases then reported the previous week.

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The total of 33 incidences included seven cases for presence of alcohol in person’s blood, five for using uninsured motor vehicle and four each of careless driving , using unlicensed motor vehicle and for driving without a valid licenses. There were also two cases each for driving without a driver’s license and over loading, and one case each for permitting unlicensed driver, failure to comply with traffic directions, taking vehicle without lawful authority, for permitting overloading, and for not wearing protective head gear.

“These figures show that vehicle drivers and owners are ignoring the traffic rules. Vehicle users should be very cautious when using the roads during the State of Public Emergency including the Emergency Zone in Honiara from Poha in the West and Alligator Creek in the East,” says Director of the National Traffic Department Superintendent Fred Satu.

“As we can see, there were four drivers arrested for careless driving followed by seven for presence of alcohol in person’s blood. We need to be reminded that there are also other road users out there.”

Superintendent Satu adds: “I would like to strongly warn vehicle drivers not to drink and drive and like to remind the general public to continue to abide by our traffic laws. They are there to safeguard us.”

All the accused have been charged for their respective offences and bailed to appear before the Honiara Central Magistrates’ Court on their respective dates. “I want to thank all my officers for their hard work during the past weeks. And I want to ask all the vehicle drivers and owners as well as pedestrians to follow the traffic rules.” says Traffic Director Superintendent Satu.

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