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Police confirm $50k imprest to China maintaining it was used for right purposes

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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force today confirms that only SBD $50,000.00 of Special Imprest was drawn to support the RSIPF delegation for the China training seminar.

RSIPF made the clarification to the issue as had been raised on the front-page of Solomon Star newspaper on 15 November 2022 on the subject ‘Who is the Imprest Holder?’

In a statement today, the RSIPF said there is nothing to hide as part of this imprest was used to buy gifts and not only shell-money necklaces were purchased but other important gifts from Solomon Islands and whilst in China. It adds the imprest was also used for communication (top up) expenses for all members, paid for specific items of the cultural event, used for procurement of equipment for participating RSIPF Units, etc.

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“It is too early to question what the imprest was used for when the imprest was yet to be retired. However, any officer who is concerned about the imprest is welcomed to examine the documents when the imprest will be retired,” the statement said.

“There is no witch-hunt at all and no plan to interrogate any officer by Executives as claimed in the article. The meeting held at that time is for the debriefing of the training. Even during that debriefing session, the officers were given opportunity to raise any issues or questions about anything and no single question was raised related to the imprest. Until today, no officer has come forward to ask any hard questions as claimed. The RSIPF Executive is always available, open and transparent should anyone have any question to ask,” the statement read.

The RSIPF Executive also denies any of its Executive members was carrying large shopping items and there was no truth about this claim.

“Such could only be assumed by greedy people who may have misused imprest for such shopping things in the past and expect the imprest to be given to them anyhow,” the statement, stated.

The RSIPF Executive is very concerned about such media reporting when there is no single truth about these claims and encourage fair reporting, well researched and balance reporting before publishing a story.

Meanwhile, the RSIPF said the Finance Circular was very clear on special imprest requirements.

“All public servants know it is the responsibility of the imprest holder to retire it. The imprest as everyone knows is not for personal use but must be used for the reason that it was applied for and it is the responsibility of the imprest holder to assess and account for the imprest on what and how it should be used but again guided by the imprest rules. It is not for sharing with members for their personal use whatsoever,” it said.

The RSIPF also stated the article also made a comparison to try and emphasise their point. “RSIPF would like to clarify that the comparison amount mentioned in the article about RSIPF Commissioner Mr. Mostyn Mangau on his recent business trip to India with the amount of USD $10,000.00 is misleading and inaccurate. It shows that the author(s) have not done proper research and acquired inaccurate information without verifying before publishing,” the statement said.

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