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PM announces 2 new field hospitals, one ready by today

PM Sogavare
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Prime Minister Manaseh Sogavare has announced that two additional sites will become field hospitals with one to be available this afternoon.

Sogavare yesterday admitted that the only field hospital of 56 beds at the Multipurpose Hall was near full. Today, he announced 88 new positive cases increasing the total cases to 169.

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“And we only have 56 beds for COVID-19 patients,” the PM admitted.

In light of that he has revealed that there will be two new field hospital sites.

“We are working to establish another two sites to become field hospitals, one being a former quarantine station that will become available this afternoon. Once completed these additional facilities will increase our capacity to accommodate more COVID-19 patients that are symptomatic and sick,” Sogavare said.

“As you have seen, the daily numbers of COVID-19 positive cases are expected to keep increasing for a while as the community transmission gathers momentum,” he said.

“I do not need to tell you that we now have a widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in the capital city with pockets of infection already present in the GPPOL and Foxwood areas,” Sogavare added.

Meanwhile he said the Oversight Committee has activated the National and Provincial Health Emergency Plans, National and Provincial Disaster Management Plans and the NDOC sectoral plans.

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