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Pilot undergoes 14 days compulsory quarantine

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A pilot is currently undergoing 14 days compulsory quarantine at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort Institutional Quarantine Facility at the Henderson airport area.
The specialist Helicopter pilot, was flown into the country on directives from the Prime Minister’s Office to help pilot a helicopter operated by Heli support in Honiara. The person who usually pilots the chopper is currently engaged with responses to relief operations following the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Harold in Vanuatu.
The geographical makeup of the country has raised the need for helicopter capability should there be a need for emergency uplifting from areas that are not readily accessible to an airstrip.
This action by the government to bring in the pilot is important as quick and swift response is paramount in times like this when lives of citizens are at stake.
Just like any other persons coming into the country, the pilot will have to serve the 14 days compulsory quarantine before he can be discharged to take up his appointment.
Meanwhile the Camp Management Sector Committee has spread its wing to   provide support to the P-DOC Camp Management Sector Committees. A team is currently deployed to Western and Choiseul Provinces respectively.
The team will conduct training for Provincial Camp Management Sector Committee members in Western and Choiseul Provinces on how to manage IQFs given the continuous increase of COVID-19 cases in neighboring PNG.
The same training will be conducted in the remaining provinces to bring them at par with Honiara, Western and Choiseul in the proper management of Institutional Quarantine Facilities.
The N-DOC Camp Management Sector Committee is responsible for the overall management of IQFs and provide support to P-DOC Camp Management Sector Committees in the provinces
All Institutional Quarantine Facilities are currently closed but remain operationally ready should there be a need for future quarantining of persons both citizens and foreigners coming into the country.

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