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PIC-KOREA Forest Services cemented

Minister Mua with his PS and Korean officials
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Pacific Island Countries (PIC) have continued to cement its milestone achievements with the Government of Republic of Korea through the Korea Forest Service (KFS).

Commending this continued dialogue at the seminar for Promoting Forest Investment and Cooperation, Solomon Islands Forest Minister, Dickson Mua Panakitasi utterly agreed to the Republic of Korea for giving Pacific Island Countries the extraordinary opportunity.

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Noting the occasion as significant because Korea Forest Service through this seminar plans on develop and generate tangible outcomes with the Pacific Island Countries through establishing network.

“May I on behalf of the Pacific Island Countries say, we are excited to see Korea Forest Service and ESG-compliant Companies working together to address the common challenges facing the Pacific region, including climate change.”

The Seminar on Promoting Forest Investment and Cooperation in the Pacific Island Countries is a side event of the Korea-Pacific Islands Summit.

Minister Panakitasi particularly acknowledges especially Eagon Pacific Plantation Limited (EPPL) for seeing the potential to invest in Solomon Islands that sees it continues to strengthen and contribute to the national economy’s stability and growth.

“EPPL had demonstrated its genuineness in investment by establishing a $30 million worth Veneer Factory on New Georgia Island, Western Province. Its business conduct

is sustainable and outstanding and is one of the biggest forest plantation projects in the country.

“It had also performed outstandingly in its social responsibilities and one of the major employers in the Forestry Sector in the country.”

Minister Panakitasi further alluded to that Pacific Island Countries (PIC) and interested organisations including PIC people who will benefit from this new and timely partnership sees things differently, with a demonstrated interest to support initiatives to build more resilient and sustainable forest resources in PIC’s.

“We believe that this partnership will help us address the challenges we continue to face in managing our natural resources and achieve a more sustainable future for our people while combating climate change.

“We also believe that this partnership will help us achieve our national development goals and continue to contribute to a more sustainable future for the Pacific region as a whole.”

He added: “we are so thankful indeed to attend and participate on this very important occasion, as it is a positive step towards enhancing the Asia Pacific regional cooperation in promoting sustainable development and environmental protection.”

The Solomon Islands Forest Minister went on to thank the Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK), the Korea Forest Service (KFS) and EGS-compliant Companies for the vision they have demonstrated through the hosting of the Korea-Pacific Islands Summit.

Acknowledging that the upcoming partnerships when put in place will enable both the Government of the Republic of Korea and PIC countries to be more resilient and support each other in forest resource development, highlighting opportunities to invest in plantation, downstream process and payment for ecosystem services including carbon trading projects. – MoFR Press

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