Care- taker PM and his two care- taker ministers- (R) Minister for Aviation Peter S Agovaka and (L) minister for Tourism Bartholomew Parapolo and two other intending candidates
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Parliamentary Wing Leader of OUR Party and care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has unveiled the five key policy priorities of the party during the launching of the party’s manifesto.

The launching took place last week at Maranatha Hall in East Honiara, attracting a large number of supporters and intending candidates.

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In his guest speech as the parliamentary wing leader of OUR Party, care- taker Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare stated that the first policy priority is the promotion of national unity and social cohesion.

Sogavare pointed the challenges facing our national unity, and made the assurance that OUR Party is fully aware of the expressed desires for greater autonomy and even secession.

The care- taker PM also referred to the ethnic tension of 2000 and recent ramblings in Malaita as reminders, and that OUR Party recognized these concerns and is committed to address them but within a united Solomon Islands.

The Parliamentary wing leader of OUR Party stated that the party will continue to maintain the push for federalism, the recent passage of the amendment of section 61 of the national constitution to cater for the establishment of the Constituent Assembly displayed that seriousness.

Care- taker PM Sogavare underlined that the party will continue to support peace process, build on the success of the Pacific Games and other infrastructure investments to encourage and develop sports, support youth, women and disabled empowerment.

The second policy priority is enhancing the rule of law, the legal system and the governance system, and this will in turn increase public confidence in our government institutions, improve service delivery efficiency, ensure public safety and security. These conditions will allow for social and economic policies to flourish flawlessly.

OUR Party parliamentary wing leader and care- taker PM also stated that the party will continue to enhance the effectiveness of the party system. He further added that the party will continue to work with bilateral partners to strengthen the capacity and capability of the Police force, with the aim to create a full police autonomy.

Thirdly, OUR Party emphasized strongly on promoting socio- economic growth to enhance service delivery and spark economic benefits to the people. The party will continue with transformative infrastructure developments by tapping opportunities offered through China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Global Development Initiative, Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific and Solomon Islands Infrastructure Program, and other traditional and multilateral channels.

Care- taker PM who is also the founding father of OUR Party, made the assurance that the party will speed up the investment in telecommunications infrastructure, by ensuring the 161 telecommunications towers under the Solomon Islands National Broadband Infrastructure Project is completed within the specified timeframe.

Care- taker PM Sogavare underlined that party will make investments in road infrastructures both in the urban and rural areas. In the long term, more investment will be made to self- sufficiency and sustainability, renewable energy infrastructure particularly solar and hydropower.

Other areas where more investments will be targeted include social infrastructure such as sports and health sectors. Further, the promotion of sustainable developments of our natural resources across tourism, agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors.

The party will continue to place high regard to the review of the tax regime, patching up loopholes that continue to create fiscal wastages and leakages, reviewing and reform state- owned enterprises, increasing employment opportunities in labor mobility scheme and other measures.

Fourthly, OUR Party will prioritize national defense and security and trade, while maintaining a pragmatic foreign policy stance. The party will strengthen relationship with China through a ‘look North’ foreign policy, while nurturing ties with other traditional partners such as Australia.

The care- taker PM emphasized that as a party, we are committed to the “friends to all and enemies to none” stance.

Finally, OUR Party prioritizes land and resources empowerment and development.

The OUR Party parliamentary wing leader and care- taker Prime Minister stated that the party will employ best approaches to make land and resources available for economic development while ensuring the interests of resource owners are guarded and protected.

Care- taker PM also made the assurance that the party will review and speed up the progress of major national projects.

The OUR Party parliamentary wing leader strongly highlighted that OUR Party has seasoned politicians who have been tried and tested through difficult times and have proven their maturity to overcome these challenges.

“We have delivered and will deliver again”, the care- taker PM and OUR party’s parliamentary wing leader stated.


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