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Opposition open to challenging extension in Court with number of lawyers ready to help

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The Opposition is open to challenging in court the legality of the Bill to extend the life of Parliament if it’s passed.

Speaking to journalists yesterday, Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale in response to a question on the possibility of a legal challenge said: “If there is solid legal advice that there are good bases to go to court by way of judicial review we are very open to that possibility. We have a number of lawyers looking to help.”

Details have emerged that Bill is to seek the postponement of the dissolution of the 11th Parliament from May next year to the 31st of December 2023. This means elections must be held in four months of Dissolution which is April 2024.

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Wale admitted that the Opposition does not have the numbers it stands now.

“If we have the numbers we will look to defeat the bill in Parliament because of position is clear there is no need to tamper with the constitution,” said Wale.

The Government needs 2/3 of the 50 MPs’ to pass the bill.

The Government earlier stated that it could hold two major events in one year therefore decided host the Pacific in November 2023 and postpone the NGE to 2024.

The MP for West Makira Derek Manuari said the government knew very well when it bid for the games in Vanuatu several years ago that 2023 was an election therefore should have prepared to host two events.

“It is very clear something must have happened between then and now that necessitated the election to be delayed,” he said.


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