Home News Opposition Leader calls on gov’t to provide free masks, sanitizers to people

Opposition Leader calls on gov’t to provide free masks, sanitizers to people

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LEADER of Opposition Matthew Wale has called on the Government to provide free masks and hand sanitizers to the people.

Mr Wale said it is disheartening to see shops taking advantage of the situation and selling masks and sanitizers at very high prices.

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“The cheapest masks on the counters are single day use surgical masks between $4-$5. People cannot afford to pay for this to use each day. It is too expensive at this current state of health crisis and state of economy,” he said.

The Leader of Opposition said it is sad to see people resorting to other alternative means to protect themselves.

He said whilst the Government has announced that wearing masks are mandatory, I urge them to provide free masks for our people.

“Whilst we encourage people to wear masks in town and in order for them to enter shops and public transports, we must also take into consideration people who will not have enough to purchase masks at this time. Authorities should place free masks and sanitizers in front of shops for our people or supply free masks and sanitizers to people at designated locations. It will greatly help our people,” the Leader of Opposition said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader has urged the Government to rethink their decision to stop unvaccinated people from accessing public transport and to enter shops.

“This is quite harsh. Whilst we are all concerned by the number of unvaccinated people in the country, they need to have access to food as well and should not be barred. They are human beings and we should treat them with respect and dignity,” he said.

The Leader said the lack of access to food would only cause more social implications, something we do not want during this current health crisis.

“The government had a two year window to map out all their strategic response plans and importantly for people to have access to food with appropriate food distribution management,” he said.

The Opposition Leader also reiterated his call for people to continue to listen to sound advice, stay at home and take responsibility in looking after one another.


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