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NRH grateful for IPC and PPEs provided by PRC

CEO Dr Malefoasi with the PRC doctors at NRH
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In a brief handing over event this week, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) donated Infection, Prevention and Control (IPC), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items worth over SBD620, 000 to the National Referral Hospital (NRH).

Worth 620,369 SBD in total, the items donated included 108 bottles 2% potentate glutaraldehyde disinfection, 216 bottles Disinfection hand sanitizer, 60 bottles 2% chlorhexidine gluconate disinfection, 6 Ultraviolet lamps, 900 disposable caps, 2400 Face shield, 1000 surgical masks, 5700 3M masks, 300 sterilized surgical gloves, 7700 disposable gloves, 10000 disposable thin film gloves, 780 protective suits, 2800 isolation gowns, 50 sterilized surgery gowns, 1200 medical Isolation shoe covers, 10000 bottles 84 Disinfection tablets and 600 2019-nCoV RT-PCR test kits.

In her remarks after penning her signature to the transfer documents, Ms. GONG Rui, People’s Republic of China (PRC) Economic and Commercial Counsellor said that PRC is pleased to once more provide support in this regard.

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“We have noted recent increases in COVID-19 cases in Honiara and the provinces, thus have moved to provide more of these IPC and PPEs supplies that will be useful for staff help staff and patients stay safe from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases”,

“We are pleased to also see our support through the molecular laboratory the TB Ward and dialysis machines including previous donations of PPEs and IPCs including COVID-19 vaccines have contributed well towards COVID-19 response in Honiara and the provinces and plans and activities to tackle the current NCD crises”, said Ms. Rui.

She also highlighted that PRC is also pleased under the health cooperation to have provided five medical professionals and expertise in internal medicines and acupuncture that have been supporting the hospital for the most part of this year.

“We look forward to continuing providing support in this regard next year as we are mobilizing another group to arrive next year to replace this team who will leave next March”, said Ms. Gui.

Receiving the items, Dr George Malefoasi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) thanked the PRC for the donations to the hospital stating that they will surely go a long way to ensuring that both health workers and patients remain safe when discharging their duties and receiving medical help respectively.

“NRH has indeed benefited much from the support that we receive from PRC and all this support has enabled us to enhance our capabilities and capacities in serving the health needs of our people”, said Dr. Malefoasi.

He also thanked the China Medical Team for their invaluable support rendered throughout the year and express excitement about the new group scheduled to arrive next year.

“I understand that amongst the group that will come next year will be a cardiologist, nephrologist, and urologist which will add tremendously to the current capacity of the hospital. So thank you so much PRC and we look forward to continuing working with you closely and also having our workers visiting your hospitals in China as part of the exchange program”, concluded Dr Malefoasi.

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