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NRH gifted with refurbished Admitting Ward supported by Lee Kwok Kuen

NRH CEO Dr George Malefoasi handover certificate of appreciation to the Lee Kwok Kuen Manager Jason Lee
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National Referral Hospital (NRH) again gifted with the refurbishment of the old Labour Ward supported by the Lee Kwok Kuen Company and now to be used as an Admitting Ward.

A handover ceremony was held in front of the refurbished building yesterday witnessed by the NRH Heads of Departments and supporting staffs.

Dr George Malefoasi National Referral Hospital CEO received the building key from the Lee Kwok Kuen and Company Manager Jason Lee over the handover ceremony.

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In his remarks Dr Malefoasi thanked Lee Kwok Kuen and Company for the continuous kind and generous support towards the hospital.

“Today, a humble family has been part of the private-public initiative in making our dreams come true and hence, I thank you indeed (Lee Kuok Kuen and family and company) for renovating this old structure into a very life feature building”, said Dr Malefoasi.

He stated the building was vacated and left empty and dirt for the past 2 years.

However, Lee’s family and the company were approached in 2021 and they have shown willingness and passion to help the hospital rebuild. Thus, with the public outcry on bed shortages at NRH last year.

“This project is part of the MHMS to improve the facilities and NRH plan to address the bed shortage.

“The original function plan for this renovated ward “is an Admitting Ward”. This ward should help Emergency Department as well as all other departments, take away the bed pressure at the emergency “access block” inpatient side”, explained Dr Malefoasi.

“However, because of the upcoming renovation and extension of the operating theatres, this space will be a temporary OT come July”, said Dr Malefoasi.

He stated MHMS is actioning the Governments business case for NRH by improving the current hospital facility by way of upgrading facilities and expanding services to meet the increasing demand for hospital care in Honiara and the country.

“Literature showed NRH bed per 10,000 pop is relatively lower than our other neighbors. Whilst we are estimated to have 4 beds per 10,000 pop, Samoa has 10, Kiribati 15, Fiji 21 and NZ 23. As the NRH we have available 322 beds with pop of 740,000 pop +”.

“So our goal is to increase beds through the current hospital, the planned new hospital and the provincial hospitals.

“The work of the new hospital plan will further progress in 2023 with the MHMS leadership.

“NRH is expanding by facility and services towards the eastern end at the medical compound and soon next to the MHMS Head Quarters compounds” said Dr Malefoasi.

He outlined the key immediate services demand and need for immediate action by MHMS and NRH are (1) cardiac unit, (2) renal-NCDs and TB.

“This is not to neglect other health problems and diseases” said Dr Malefoasi.

He added the NRH executive will plan with Heads of departments to review their current HR gaps (skills and technology) and develop HR strategic actions to build capacity for the new services planned.

Lee Kwok Kuen and Company General Manager Jason Lee stated the company is always willing and happy to support the hospital.

He stated it was his late father’s legacy to support the hospital and thus he is taking on with what his father started.

“I am sure he will be very happy seeing me doing this for the family”, Mr Lee said.

He thanked his contractors for the refurbishment of the building.

He stated hope the example Lee Kwok Kuen is doing will influence other companies to do the same.

Meanwhile, NRH Medical Superintendent Dr Janelle Solomon reassured Lee Kwok Kuen and Company that they will look after the building and use it to provide services for the people and the nation.

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